Jazz Band:  All black—dress shirt, black pants, shoes and socks.


Concert Band:  Students need to provide a white button down, long sleeve dress shirt, black dress pants, and black shoes and socks.

Symphonic Band: Students are getting a black tux coat and black pants checked out to them. Students need to provide a black crew neck t-shirt (short or long sleeve…no tank tops or writing/pictures on it) and dress black shoes and socks.

Wind Ensemble:  Students should have been checked out uniforms already

Boys have a black tux coat and pants. They need to provide a white dress shirt and black bow tie, and black dress shoes and black socks (high ankle, please)

Girls have a black floor length skirt.  They need to provide a black blouse, with a jewel or crewneck neckline (a small collar is ok), and sleeves at least 3/4 length, and black shoes (high heels not recommended).

Care of Uniforms:   All uniforms are cleaned each year.  If your uniform becomes soiled or stained during the year, please have it cleaned before the next performance.  Keeping it hung neatly will keep it wrinkle free.

Inexpensive Tux Shirts:  Try Michael’s Craft Store for tux shirts.  They carry a shirt and neck tie set that work great and costs about $15.

concert dress